BiSON Weather


Here you can obtain current images of cloud cover over our stations, along with a worldwide image showing current weather patterns. The cloud maps are updated every 3 hours, while the terminator (the line separating day from night) is updated hourly. Be sure to hit refresh in your web browser to obtain the most up-to-date images. The images and cloud maps are produced using xplanet.


Current worldwide cloud cover

[Whole Earth cloud map]


Mount Wilson, California

[Mount Wilson cloud map]


Las Campanas, Chile

[Las Campanas cloud map]


Izaña, Tenerife

[Izana cloud map]


Birmingham, UK

[Birmingham cloud map]


Sutherland, South Africa

[Sutherland cloud map]


Carnarvon, Western Australia

[Carnarvon cloud map]


Narrabri, New South Wales

[Narrabri cloud map]