BiSON Recent Data

This page shows the three most recent days of data from all six BiSON sites. Please click on the thumbnails to see a larger version.

Mount Wilson, Los Angeles, USA

Mount Wilson -3 Mount Wilson -2 Mount Wilson -1

Las Campanas, Chile

Las Campanas -3 Las Campanas -2 Las Campanas -1

Izana, Tenerife

Izana -3 Izana -2 Izana -1

Sutherland, South Africa

Sutherland -3 Sutherland -2 Sutherland -1

Carnarvon, Western Australia

Carnarvon -3 Carnarvon -2 Carnarvon -1

Narrabri, New South Wales, Australia

Narrabri -3 Narrabri -2 Narrabri -1